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  • Slatted Unit Records
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Springwood frame guide

Of the Slatted belongs to the category of slatted frames, but has its own special features. Only those who know this can make the right decision. It is the Slatted used the most and is therefore known accordingly.

Feather wood frame and the composition
In general, everyone knows the Slatted because it always looks the same. It does not matter in the basic form, which size it is. First of all there is the straight frame, which holds everything together. The bars are straight, so different then the slats. Because the frame consists of hardwood slats and thus gives stability. The slats are usually bent, which comes from the construction. These slats are made of different layers of wood, which makes them stable and can withstand a lot of weight. In addition, these slats can still be held by a belt, so that no lath moves. Likewise, these are still held at the edge by flexible pockets or elastic material. But not only that the laths are then held so well, but this bend in addition to the top. This then ensures that our body is properly supported while lying down. But of course, a lot of comfort has to go along with it for a high level of lying comfort, so that it really is a very good one Slatted is. The differences are not very big, but that’s exactly where the price difference lies. Cheap models use the caps made of hard plastic. But these caps have a big disadvantage, because they do not last very long. This would then be suspensions of rubber best, which of course then reflected in the price. But rubber is elastic and simultaneously absorbs the weight very well.

The position of the caps is crucial
Exactly here are then the biggest differences, because these are best on the edge. So these are cushioned and shift the weight on the frame. In simpler terms, the caps are less loaded because they simply push the pressure to the frame. This then ensures a much longer shelf life, with no cap can break here. In addition, some have Slatted over a belt. This strap is pulled through in the middle between the slats. Through this belt, the slats get a better grip, thus can not slip. The most favorable variant of spring wood frame has rigid slats. Thus, they can not adapt to the body and are thus not only rigid but also uncomfortable. If you have problems with your back, you should not opt ​​for this option. There are different zones that support different areas of the body. Some variants offer all these zones, which is then reflected in the price. These spring wood frames are the price then more expensive, with the different zones often show by other colors in the slats. Such spring wood frames were then reinforced with extra lists and can be easily adjusted. For this purpose, there are sliders, whereby the slats are adjusted to different degrees of hardness. Thus, then everyone can set up his own frame individually, then to find a restful sleep.

Cheap can also be good
Who pays attention to these little things, can often find a reasonably priced spring wood frame. Here also the spring wood frame is simply under the name slattedto find. Alone through its structure, this can be recognized immediately. Here, the processing is an important part, so then everyone is really very good. Of course, then belongs to a good spring wood frame and a very good mattress, Because these two items are the most important components of a bed and guarantee a restful sleep.

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