10 Best Pizza Cutter of 2019

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  • Dishwasher safe
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  • Stainless steel blade with durable plastic handle
  • Checkered Chef
  • Love This Want This
  • Mozzbi
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  • Lifetime Brands
  • Kitchen
  • The stainless steel pizza cutter easily slices through dough...
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Pizza Knife Guide

Pizza knives are not to be confused with a classic pizza roller. The latter is not one cutlerybut to a kitchen helper, which serves for the coarse fragmentation of a pizza. On Pizza Cutter however, one is table knifethat allows the dining person to cut his pizza better and easier. In the meantime also in this country many different are Pizza Cutter offered, but not every product is recommended. This article will help you to choose a pizza knife.

What were for Pizza Cutter developed?

Pizza knives were designed primarily for people who do not want to eat and want to eat the roughly pre-divided pizza pieces by hand. For example, when eating pizza in a slightly finer restaurant. Occasionally, some people use an ordinary knife, which usually results in the coating being pushed off the bottom of the dough. With a Pizza Cutter this is not the case. Because such a cutlery has a very special blade geometry. Thus, for example, the blade width is thinner than in an ordinary knife ground, which gives the blade a certain flexibility. In addition, the blade of a pizza knife is wider, similar to one fish knifeso that the pad can not push over the blade.

excellent Pizza Cutter have a serrated edge

Serrated or saw-toothed pizza knives allow you to cut the pizza effortlessly. If the knives are sharpened sharply enough, you can often even press the floor covering without you having to cut too much. For example, if you use a conventional blade with a smooth blade that is well sanded, you can also separate it from the pizza with pure pressure on individual pieces. However, if you still need to cut once in a while, you will tear more with the knife than you cut, which often causes the pizza to be literally tattered.

Opt for a stainless steel pizza knife with a stainless edge

Stainless steel pizza knives are usually of high quality. Therefore, these knives are usually offered more expensive than those whose alloy consists of less valuable metals. The problem with inferior pizza cutters, which are not stainless, is that they can corrode, making them dull quickly. It is advantageous if the pizza knives are made of one piece of steel. So it can not happen that the handles break under high stress.

Tip: You should not use high quality knives dishwasher, but only with hot water and detergent. If you do not use the knives for a long time, it is advisable to grease them with edible oil that is acid-free.

Which pizza knives are suitable for dividing large family or party puzzles?

It’s better not to cut big pizzas with the typical round pizza cutters, because these devices will push you to their limits. For example, if the floor is particularly thick. A small pizza knife is also unsuitable. It is recommended, a so-called Wiegemesserto use, which is also available under the name „pizza knife“. Because these pizza knives have a long blade, with which you can spread large pizzas in minutes by simply pressing and unrolling. It is advantageous that with these devices, straight and precise cuts are easily possible.

The price should not be a decision criterion for you

Pay attention to quality when buying. The longer you will enjoy your pizza makers. Recommended manufacturers include: AmazonBasics, Justinus, WMF and GRÄWE.

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