10 Best oven thermometer of 2019

  • 【Smart LCD Backlit Screen】3 different backlight color on...
  • 【Foot-free Design】Wireless digital kitchen thermometer...
  • 【Preset Temperature Settings】Wireless Food Cooking...
  • Dials size (inch short): 2.25
  • Division (degree c): 5
  • Division (): 5
  • CDN
  • Kitchen
  • 👉EXTREMELY PRECISE: NSF-approved accurately...
  • 👉DESIGNED FOR YOUR: Every angle hook design for...
  • 👉HIGH QUALITY: Durable, stainless steel construction...
  • AcuRite
  • Misc.
  • This digital thermometer measures temperatures from 32- to...
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  • Additional features include an automatic time and...
  • Dial size: 1.7-inch
  • Wide temperature range: 50-Degree F - 500-Degree F
  • 18/0 Stainless steel housing
  • ❤【Large Dial Display】 Extra Large 3-Inch Dial makes...
  • ❤【High Precision】The Oven Thermometer can accurately...
  • ❤【High Quality & Safe Material】 Durable stainless...
  • Oven thermometer
  • Temperature range 50 to 500 Degree F
  • Built-in hanging hook and standing panel

Oven thermometer guide

For all those who like to prepare dishes in the oven or bake a delicious cake for the whole family every now and then, that is oven thermometer a valuable tool. It is indispensable for low-temperature cooking, because here the cooking space must not be overheated. Who of one oven thermometer still profits and what you should pay attention to when buying, learn here.

For whom is an oven thermometer suitable?

Even if you occasionally prepare a roast in the oven, the purchase of an oven thermometer can pay off for you, because it reliably shows you what the current temperature in the oven is. So you can draw conclusions about whether the dish is already cooked or should remain in the oven for a while. In addition, that is oven thermometer a practical utensil for persons looking for an older one ovenor have a gas oven. Here, the choice of temperature is gradual, so that an exact adjustment is difficult. The oven thermometer On the other hand, it allows you to precisely control the oven temperature. Also, the times in which the cake is taken out of the oven, only to find that he is still not completely inside, belong with one oven thermometer finally a thing of the past. It will tell you if the actual temperature is actually reached in the oven, so you can calmly remove the cake from the oven after the cooking time specified in the recipe.

What types of oven thermometers are there?

Oven thermometers are available in different versions. So there is thermometerwhich are hung or put in the oven. In addition, you have the choice between models with analog or digital display. An analogue thermometer has a scale on which in most cases different temperature ranges (for example for low-temperature cooking) are marked in color. The units are heat resistant and equipped with a flat instrument glass, so that it is easy to read from the outside.

Digital oven thermometers are slightly more expensive than analog versions. However, they offer the invaluable advantage of a timer and alarm function: as soon as the preset temperature has been reached, a signal sounds. In addition, since the display unit is attached to the outside of the oven door, the thermometer disc can not mist up, making it easy to read at a precise level at any time.

Purchase criteria: What should I look for when choosing a oven thermometer?

When buying a baked-in thermometer, make sure you have a solid finish, as the device must withstand very high temperatures without damaging the material. Most models are made of heat-resistant stainless steel. In addition, you should compare the measuring range of the different devices. Domestic thermometers usually measure in a range between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius. Models that can measure furnace temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius, on the other hand, are very expensive and are usually used only in the professional field or pizza baking in stone ovens. Furthermore, you can choose between different types of attachment when purchasing. Some models are equipped with a base and a hook, so they are flexible when mounted in the oven. Digital oven thermometers are usually attached to the oven door from the outside with a suction cup or a magnet. The actual measuring instrument is located inside the oven and is connected to the outdoor unit via a cable.

Are there alternatives to the oven thermometer?

If you are looking for a thermometer to help you find out if your oven food is cooked, you can also go to one Meat thermometerto grab. This is also called Grill thermometeror meat thermometer refers to and measures the core temperature of roasts, cakes and other dishes. For this purpose, it is equipped with a thorn, which is inserted into the food. This means that you have to open the oven door to use the frying thermometer, while you can read the oven thermometer from the outside through the glass. In the meantime, 2-in-1 devices are also offered in specialist shops, which combine the functions of a baked-in thermometer with those of the roasting thermometer.

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