10 Best louvre of 2019

  • Build a detailed model of the world's largest art museum!
  • Includes the Pavillon de l'Horloge and the iconic glass...
  • Includes collectible booklet containing information about...
  • Monterey Media (04/09/2015)
  • Prime Video, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 56 minutes
  • Prime Video
  • English
  • Collectif
  • Publisher: Rmn
  • Edition no. 0 (05/25/2005)
  • Interactive maps of all floors
  • Multiple photographs of artefacts from various angles
  • Detailed descriptions with audio (no wifi required)
  • Charles River Editors
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
  • Alexandra Bonafante-Warren
  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble
  • Edition no. 0 (01/01/1970)
  • Lava Music/Republic Records
  • MP3 Music
  • Build a detailed model of the world's largest art museum!
  • Includes the Pavillon de l'Horloge and the iconic glass...
  • Includes collectible booklet containing information about...
  • Prime Video
  • English

Blinds Guide

Venetian blinds are often called masters of adaptation by many. This is because with them, in contrast to the blinds and the curtains, the incidence of light with the help of adjustable slatsvery easy to regulate. Venetian blinds are versatile in their use as window decoration and can be attached to the windows either outdoors or indoors.

Why can blinds be used?

There are many ways to use blinds, including:
1. heat protection:
Especially on hot summer days you are looking for a pleasant, cool place. So-called external blinds can help here. These blinds, specially designed for outdoor use, catch the sunlight in front of the window. Thus they prevent the penetration of light and the heat formation in the dwelling.
2. Sunscreen:
Rotatable lamellae are very easy to adjust and thus allow regulation of the incidence of light. This is not possible with curtains and blinds.
3. Privacy protection:
Many people attach great importance to their privacy and want to protect them accordingly. With blinds on the window can be wonderful privacy in the bathroom and bedroom protect, without completely darken the rooms. However, if the rooms are darkened for sleeping purposes, blinds are less suitable.
4. For skylight
For roof pitches, blinds are ideal for protection from the sun and for privacy. However, since there are no exterior blinds here, they can not protect you from the heat

How are blinds installed and how do they work?

1. Assembly:
Persons with a lot of manual skill can also mount blinds themselves without claiming a specialist. These can either be with one drillor a clamping devices are attached. For exterior blinds, however, there are some building codes to follow. Therefore, it is better in this case to disregard a professional. The same applies to the blinds for the inter-pane spaces. In this case, namely, the window pane must be replaced.
2. Operation:
For up and down there are blinds with drawstring or crank. The regulation of the light incidence is regulated with another drawstring or a turning bar. For the exterior blinds, you can choose between manual and electrical operation, with the electrical benefits. So the blinds can easily with a remote Controlbe regulated, e.g. quite comfortably from the couch or sitting in the office in front of the computer. An additional timer allows the setting of certain times. At these times, the blinds will automatically move up or down depending on the setting. Ideal if one is at work at these times and the biggest heat is.
3rd special function:
Some manufacturers already offer venetian blinds with Variozone technology or movable slat curtains.
– Variozone technology:
Here, the lamellae of individual sections can be regulated independently of each other and thus the light incidence of individual window sections can be controlled as required.
– Slat curtain:
This intersection of curtain and louvre consists of fabric-made and vertically arranged slats. So even in the closed state light can shine through easily. The addition of a movable top and bottom rail allows the slats to close in the lower area, while those in the upper area are open and it is easier to see through.


Venetian blinds offer more benefits than roller blinds or curtains, especially as far as protection from sunlight, heat and privacy is concerned. In addition, they can be easily attached, whether by yourself or by a specialist. Their various operating options and special functions are easy to understand and may also be very convenient. Thanks to different and modern designs, blinds also fit optimally to the furnishings and solve more and more their predecessors, the roller blindand the curtain, off.

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