10 Best laundry basket of 2019

Laundry container guide

Everything needs its place in a well-stocked apartment. Last but not least, this also applies to dirty laundry – especially in the first home, dirty laundry often stacks over all rooms.
To counteract this and to keep a certain order, it needs the appropriate laundry basket , Wearing clothes, bed linenand other textiles have a firm place before they enter the Washing machinebe granted.
But what exactly should be considered when buying laundry baskets and what criteria must be a good one laundry basket fulfill?

Optics and functionality – Exclusion criteria or is there the right mix?

What buyer when laundry bag, Laundry basket or laundry basket as aesthetically, of course, is very different. But first and foremost, the laundry basket fit in the bathroom, where eer yes, as a rule, will have its place.
The bathroom is a wet room and must accordingly laundry basket be protected from moisture. This is true on the one hand for de container itself – so wood must be treated – but also for the protection of laundry. For example, if too much moisture is taken from the bath into the dirty laundry, it will be clammy in the container. An ideal climate for bacteria and bad smells. If you take a long shower, you should pay attention to a closed laundry basket. Braided basket should accordingly have an inlay or be appropriately densely woven; This is especially true for bathrooms without windows.
However, laundry baskets must be a bit open and not airtight so that the air inside can still circulate. This also serves to better air conditioning dirty laundry. This should finally be able to air in the laundry basket.
Nevertheless, an overlying lid is advisable so that the dirty laundry does not develop its scent throughout the room. Above all, athletes should pay attention, because sweaty clothes are also undressed still attacked by odor bacteria.
In the vote on the device can choose different substances. Classic, natural basket always cuts a fine figure, coarsely woven laundry boxes fit in a more modern design.
Of course, folding laundry baskets have the advantage that they can be folded when not in use and are easy to transport. However, customers should ask themselves how often they fold and change their laundry basket in practice.

Diversity in shape and color

For fabrics made of linen and polyester, there is a free choice in shapes and colors. Here you have the choice between simple, bright tones for the bathroom or deliberately set color accents.
Laundry containers made of wood (or their racks) or basket are visually a great addition especially in connection with classic solid furniture. Most of these baskets are natural, glazed in wood tones such as teak or glazed in simple white and dark tones.
An interesting alternative made of wood is also the Wäschetruhe, which not only keeps the Dreckwäsche, but offers an additional seating in the bathroom.
An important criterion in the laundry basket is also the volume measured in liters of the volume. Especially larger families also need large laundry baskets.
Many baskets also have different compartments to pre-sort the dirty laundry before washing. This saves a lot of effort when sorting between white and bunny washes.
In addition, there are of course the classic laundry tubs made of plastic, these are durable storagethe dirty laundry not thought, but only serve to transport the laundry from the washer to the dryer or the Clothes line, As a laundry basket for dirty laundry, the plastic tubs are rather a makeshift solution.
Here, when making a purchase, it is essential to ensure that the material can really withstand the weight of wet laundry. In addition, the handles should be pleasantly shaped and ideally even reinforced so as not to cut.

Home for dirty laundry

Cleanliness and order in the household also means that old and dirty laundry gets a place away from the perception. As modern laundry baskets prove, storage can still be aesthetic and tasteful.

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