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Herb shelf guide

Herbs are a valuable asset to the diet. They give the food a fresh spice, bring vitamins, Minerals and phytochemicals. In addition, they look good in both drinks and desserts as well as in the form of plate decorations with savory dishes.
So many good reasons to grow herbs or at least to keep them within reach. However, not everyone has the option herb-patchto integrate in the garden or on the balcony. This complicates the supply for purely practical-comfortable reasons. It does not have to be. Whether the herbs find space on the balcony, cultivated in the garden in the warm season or alone the kitchen is available as a herbal corner: A herbal shelf can be the solution for year-round care.

What are the advantages of the herbal shelf?

First and foremost, it offers a place for herb cultivation or storage. This is not only an advantage if there is no space in the garden or on the balcony. Even in winter, when fresh herbs are actually only found in the supermarket, one can herbal shelf ideally position the plant pots.

In addition, almost all herbs love heat and sun. This considerably limits the choice of a practical and plant-based site. Even a rather large window sill can only hold a small selection. With a herbal shelf Depending on the model, the plant pots can be positioned directly on the window or on a sunlit wall. And on several floors. So it is not necessary to sacrifice valuable floor space.

In addition herbal shelves allow the keeping of herbs in every season and are versatile in use. Freezing temperatures, constant rain, a lack of garden – not everyone is able to plant their own parsley, coriander and Co. And even if a little spot earthor space on the balcony is present, weather and temperatures quickly make a dash through the hobby gardener bill. Herb shelves can be the alternative for the winter, provide a place for particularly sensitive types of herbs and may also be misappropriated.

Of course, they are not reserved exclusively for herbs, but can also accommodate other indoor plants. Or kitchen utensils and canned goods.

Herb shelf types: From the window garden to the pot holder

Herbal shelves are commercially available in numerous variants. including:

Wall shelves: Hanging on the wall, the herb shelves do not require a wall space for the wall. Especially in a limited space, they can offer convincing advantages.
Window Gardens and Hanging Garden: One herbal shelf for the window makes the warm, bright area behind the disc usable for herbalism. The shelves are mounted directly on the frame or simply hung. An alternative are traffic lights and freely hanging planters. Although these require a little more effort in the attachment, but are also more variable to position.
-Stehregale: In the summer on the balcony, in the winter behind the window to the south, simple standing shelves or flower beds are a good solution for herbs. Of course, they need a footprint, and are therefore inappropriate in a very limited space.
-Swing Shelves: Several planters are attached to a vertical bar and can be flexibly aligned. This allows for optimal exposure and facilitates access during casting, fertilizing and harvesting. In addition, even small niches can be meaningfully used.

Herbal shelf Kaufberatung: What to look out for?

First of all, the design or size. If you only need a few stalks of chives or a basil leaf every now and then, you can count on a large flowering plant or a herbal shelf dispensing with three or more floors confidently.
If you find a sufficiently sunny location right next to the window, you should be able to attach the herbal shelf directly to it or at least hang it behind it. But beware: If the window also needs to be used for ventilation purposes, then the blankethanging vessels an obstacle. Better then window gardens.

Also important is the size of the respective shelves or storage options. If these are kept very tight, a space problem can occur with herbs bought in the supermarket or in the nursery. That would require transplanting. Therefore, a better one shelfbe with in depth generously sized floors.

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