10 Best electric fireplace of 2019

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Electric fireplace advisor

At a electric fireplace it is a resistance heater powered by electric current. This differs from conventional electric heaters by the appearance, since at one electric fireplace the heating function is combined with an optical fire effect that simulates the fire of a real fireplace. The first electric fireplace was already patented in 1917 under the name Berry Magicoal in England and subsequently marketed in England and the USA. Only since 1966 electric fireplaces are also offered in Germany. Electric fireplaces are, in contrast to set fireplaces, ready for use at any time. In addition, no conversion or connection to a combustion technology is necessary to the electric fireplace to be able to operate. Today, electric fireplaces are often used as additional heating as well as a room object. Electric fireplaces are also available as full heating with fixed installation.

Construction and operation of electric fireplaces

Erected are today commercially available electric fireplaces on the box principle. They are composed of a frame form, a tile unit, a frame unit with ornamental ornaments, a heating module in chimney construction and an electric fire. In this electrically operated firethe effects of a real log fire are mimicked. Previously, this was accomplished by heat and a fan with mirror. Today special mirror techniques are used, which are driven by slowly rotating motors. This method results in a more energy efficient lighting of the electric fireplace. In addition to the radiant heat, two other types of convection are used for the heat energy release: either natural convection technology or the delivery of heat via a fan drive. The offered electric fireplaces offer performance variants from 1000 to 3000 watts. Electric fireplaces are connected either via a permanent connection with set box, as with a electric stovethe case is, or via a power outlet.

The advantages of an electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces have the advantage that they can be used anywhere in principle. In most cases, you only need a power connection with 230 volts. The bigger the fireplaceThe more power this heater provides. That means a electric fireplace can also be used in larger spaces. In addition to the warmth of an electric fireplace donates a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace simulation and is therefore a visually beautiful piece of furniture. The setting of an electric fireplace usually works quite simply by means of several stages, with which the heating power is determined. If you only want to see the blazing fire, but generate heat with it, the optical fire can also be switched on separately. High-quality models, which are equipped with marble or tiles, can store the heat even better and give longer to the room. Electric fireplaces are ready for immediate use thanks to the effortless commissioning. You do not need a permit and no flue and do not have to have a chimney fume cleaned each year for a fee. In addition, the disposal of ash is eliminated, there is no soot and there is no sparking, as is the case with a real fireplace.

What to look for when buying an electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are available as a standalone unit as well as Wandkamin, Before buying, you should think about which additional equipment the electric fireplace should have and in which room it should be used. The larger the room to be heated, the higher the heating power of the electric fireplace should be. Electric fireplaces can be equipped with chimney smoke simulator, with remote Controlas well as to be bought with wheels for moving. You should also be aware of the electricity costs and energy consumption that the selected device is likely to require. With an electric chimney with a 1000 watts of power you have to reckon on energy costs in about 15 to 20 cents per hour in electricity costs. In addition, the future electric fireplace should be provided with a test seal, which guarantees the safety of the device. Electric fireplaces with integrated overheat protection switch off automatically if the temperature gets too high. When choosing equipment, buyers today have different models available in all price ranges. But many cheap models have neither been tested nor do they have the appropriate security features. Therefore, when buying an electric fireplace on a model of a well-known manufacturer, such as the brand EWT fireplaces, should be used. These are known for their excellent workmanship and have all the security modules. If there is only limited space available for the electric fireplace, a wall chimney is the ideal alternative. In any case, an electric fireplace not only ensures effective heating in the rooms and apartments, but also provides a relaxing atmosphere through the simulation of a fireplace.

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