10 Best coat rack of 2019

Coat rack advice

Hall and entrance area of ​​a house or apartment are often considered a figurehead. It is the first room that guests and residents get to see on entering. No wonder a nice and cozy furnished hallway with commode, Bench, umbrella standand coat rack is enormously important. This ensures a homely atmosphere and cosiness.

Utilization of the place

When setting up a house or apartment, it is often about details and subtleties. A coat rack in the hallway is not only highly practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. Especially with small corridors is a meaningful use of space of importance. But how should all the furniture and accessories be accommodated in a confined space without being chaotic and overcrowded? Space-saving furniture and furnishings such as coat racks are best suited. They are the ideal replacement for one wardrobein the form of a bulky, space-consuming piece of furniture such as a wardrobe closet. Everything can be hung up to save space.

For boys and girls

Children also like coat hooks. For them one can coat rack not colorful and playful enough. Clothes rails for the little ones shine in bright and eye-catching colors, which give every corridor and every nursery a happy atmosphere. Just failed coat racks, such as in the form of a dog or unicorn head, are extremely popular. Here the horn of the unicorn, the trunk of the elephant or the antlers of the deer form the coat hooks. No wonder that jackets and coats are even better hung on these models or versions. Important when choosing a coat rack for children: the height at which the hooks are attached to the wall. So they should not hang too high. It is important to find the optimal height for attachment, so that boys and girls have the hook of the coat rack can easily reach.

Coat rack vs. Garderobenhaken

A coat rack differs from coat hooks in that a number of coat hooks are attached to a strip here. Which wardrobe style is better or more appropriate? It depends on your own taste and needs. Basically, both coat racks and coat hooks are practical and visually appealing. The advantage of a coat rack: It only needs to be applied once and can accommodate a large number of different jackets, coats and hoodies. Single wardrobe knobs or hooks can be distributed to the wall as you like. A coat rack impresses with a neat and tidy appearance. As a decorative element in the hallway, it serves as a tempting eye-catcher in the hallway.

Whether subtle or noticeable

Whether as a single piece or as part of a cloakroom – coat racks are available in numerous, different designs and materials. Whether wood or metal – coat racks know to convince with attractive appearance or aesthetics. In acute lack of space in the flood and / or hall convince foldable coat hooks and / or bars. They are usually made of chrome, stainless steel or aluminum. They are attached quite normally; however, their hooks can simply be folded out and back in when needed. These hooks are available in discreet as well as in striking variants and designs. If you like it funny and unusual, you might want to think about purchasing a coat rack in animal form. How about the back view of a cat or a dog? Or with the tail of an animal as a coat hook? In this way, guests and visitors are sure to look twice.

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