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Wardrobe handle Guidebook

Coat rack – the icing on the cake in stylish reception areas

It is certainly not an exaggeration to call the hallway the calling card of an apartment or a house. After all, the entrance area is the place your guests will see first when you open the door. And because there is no second chance for the first impression, a thoughtful and carefully implemented design of this living area is not only important for perfectionists. Anyone looking around in the furniture stores will find many suggestions and beautiful floorboard furniture. cabinetsand cupboards where jackets, shoes and accessories can be neatly tucked away, a mirror and also a wardrobeare usually among the popular sets. But the right one Clothes hanger still have to be procured.

They think your wardrobes are getting enough hangerfind, with which you could equip the cloakroom? It is better if you special for this purpose Clothes hanger purchase. Firstly, you can be sure that these stirrups are sturdy enough to carry even heavy coats. Secondly, it looks much more stylish if the empty hangers on the wardrobe all look the same. Occasionally, a colorful mix of ragged items is quite inspiring – but in this case, a consistent look is clearly the better choice.

Wood or metal?

Both are possible – provided stability is given. The classic Clothes hanger is made of wood and provided with a solid metal hook. If you opt for the classic, you should not only look for sufficient stability for aesthetic reasons, but also three other important criteria to choose from: the temples should be characterized by high wood quality, attractive wood grain and high-quality workmanship of the materials. And also in terms of shape, there are quite differences between the models offered. Valuable jackets and coats hang particularly well on coat hangers where the shoulder area is somewhat reinforced. Your guests will appreciate this little detail, as this elaborate shape of the stirrup is beneficial to the garments while ensuring that coats remain secure and can not be accidentally torn down.

If you love modern design and sleek shapes, metal hangers might better suit your taste. Also in this area of ​​the coat rack offer there is a rich selection. The preferred materials for metal coat hangers are steel and aluminum. For which of the two materials you decide is above all a matter of personal taste. There are hardly any differences in terms of usage and the price is similar. The forms of Clothes hanger are usually quite simple and straightforward. A small drawback to metal hangers compared to the coatracks made of wood. On the smooth surface, textile materials glide much better, so that the coats or jackets could fall more easily.

Occasionally, the shops are also found Clothes hanger made of plastic. These hangers are often a bit cheaper than wooden or metal hangers, but thriftiness is not a good guide in this case. Often, the attachment of the metal hook in the plastic body proves to be a weak point. For heavy garments, these straps are obviously not designed.

These coat hangers are recommended

As solid and durable, for example, prove the wooden coat hanger Hagspiel. The surfaces of the sturdy wooden handles are very carefully processed. This guarantees that delicate jackets or coats made of microfiber fabrics will not be damaged. The ends of the wooden handle are well finished, so that the shoulders of the garments are not thickened even after prolonged hanging. High-quality workmanship and elegant design characterize the metal coat rack by Zack. The matt surface of the stainless steel handle blends perfectly with the simple, timeless shape. The robust processing guarantees a long service life.

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