10 Best chocolate fondue of 2018

  • 2-pound capacity. Tower Material- Plastic
  • Elegant stainless steel heated bowl keeps chocolate flowing
  • Auger-style fountain
  • 2-pound capacity. Tower Material- Plastic
  • Elegant stainless steel heated bowl keeps chocolate flowing
  • Auger-style fountain
  • Easy to use melting chocolate wafers for fountains or fondue
  • Chocolate is quick melting and smooth flowing, no oil needed
  • Quantity: Includes two 2 lb. bags, 4 lbs. (1.81 kg) total
  • Great for dipping Marshmallows, Fruit, Candy, Cake Pops and...
  • A simple and easy way to melt chocolate - great alternative...
  • Great for preparing ganache and candy melts for cake...
  • 6-cup (1.4 liter) capacity
  • Blue-lit adjustable temperature control dial
  • Cool-touch handles for safe and easy handling
  • Chocolate Fondue Maker- Features melting and warming setting...
  • Chocolate Fountain- Serving tray and bowl are removable,...
  • Chocolate Fondu- Dip fruit, cake, marshmallows, pretzels and...
  • Microwaveable, easy-melting dipping chocolate
  • Great for chocolate fondue parties
  • Dip, drizzle and decorate treats
  • 1.5-pound capacity
  • Heated stainless steel bowl keeps chocolate flowing
  • Auger-style fountain
  • Melt up to 2-1/2 cups of Candy Melts candy (sold separately)...
  • Two pour spouts on each side plus a removable silicone...
  • Polarized 120-volt plug
  • Turn it on and DIP it in: simple plug-in operation
  • Perfect strawberries, wafers, marshmallows & more!
  • Multi-tier fountain design

Chocolate fondue Guide

There will hardly be a man who does not like chocolate at all. Whether children or adults, almost everyone likes to eat chocolate. On chocolate fondue is a very special way to enjoy chocolate. Who the cozy get-together with a classic fonduewith meat cooked in fat or hot stock or a savory one Cheese fondueIf you like, you should try the sweet variant in the form of the chocolate fondue. Not only diehard chocolate lovers become one chocolate fondue love.

The beauty of a fondue is the shared experience. You sit with your family or friends at the table and enjoy a few nice hours. As with the other types of fondue you need for one chocolate fondue a so-called rechaud in which the chocolate is melted. The rechaud will be at one chocolate fondue but not so much heated, like the meat or cheese fondue. Chocolate does not need much heat to melt. Therefore, even with the larger fondues a simple tealightunder the rechaud to gently melt the chocolate.

Rechauds for one chocolate fondue one receives for one, two or more persons. The little rechauds are especially handy if you just want to enjoy something special instead of a hot chocolate or a piece of cake. Rechauds for one to two persons are in principle large cups into which a tealight for melting the chocolate can be placed below. To the rechauds of course also a corresponding number of forks belongs. Because of the better heat storage, the rechauds for chocolate fondues are usually made from a thick-walled ceramic. Rechauds made of metal dissipate heat too quickly to the outside, so that the low heat through a tealight, the chocolate on the edge of the pot would cool down too fast and solid.

The chocolate fondue set Christmas by Nouvel is a small chocolate fondue for one person. The set consists of a rechaud and a fondue fork. The chocolate is also included in the set. The rechaud is heated with a single tealight.

A chocolate fondue can be made to your own taste with white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Since white chocolate contains no cocoa but only cocoa butter, this chocolate has the lowest melting point. White chocolate melts at about 30 degrees. The higher the cocoa content in the chocolate, the higher the melting point. bitter chocolatewith a cocoa content of 70 or 80 percent therefore has the highest melting point. Of course you can mix different types of chocolate for a chocolate fondue at will. There are many recipes for chocolate fondues that are not limited to chocolate as part of the fondue. Finished chocolate mixes in different flavors are also commercially available, especially for chocolate fondues.

The chocolate fondue set from D & S Vertriebs GmbH holds around 260 ml of chocolate and is heated electrically. The set includes 10 small fondue skewers and a spatula.

The second basic ingredient for a chocolate fondue is fruit. The fruit is skewered on the fondue fork and dipped in the melted chocolate. The dunking happens only briefly. A little chocolate cools on the surface of the fruit and sticks to it. Fruit for a chocolate fondue can be selected according to your own taste. The fruit should only have a reasonably firm consistency so that it does not fall apart when dipped in the chocolate. Very ripe bananas are therefore only partially suitable for a chocolate fondue. Perfect are solid strawberries, melon pieces, apple and pear pieces, grapes or lychees.

If the desire for chocolate is satisfied after a chocolate fondue, it is possible to transfer any remaining chocolate from the rechaud to another container while it is still molten and allow it to cool. The fondue chocolate can then be enjoyed at a later date like regular chocolate or reused at the next fondue. The rechauds can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

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