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The Carpet Guide: Differences and Uses for Carpets

Basically, carpets are differentiated according to material, production method and style. The individual distinguishing features can overlap one another, for example, a wool carpetbe knotted or woven, designed in a classic or modern design. The carpet guide provides information and clues, so for every room and furnishing desire the right one carpet Is found.

The material for carpets

Natural materials are the first choice for carpet production. Sheep wool is very popular, it is robust and can be dyed in many different colors. Wool carpets ensure a pleasant, warm and warm climate. Furthermore, there are carpets made of cotton, hemp, coconut fiber, jute and sisal. Particularly noble, high-quality carpets are made of silk. In addition to natural fibers, synthetic fibers are also suitable for carpet production. Synthetic has the advantage that the material is very durable and extremely easy to clean. In addition, virtually all wool fibers are synthetically replicable – a cost-effective option for those who want to combine the look of a real wool rug with the benefits of cheaper synthetic fiber. Both natural and synthetic fibers are colourfast and lightfast. For outdoor use another variant is in question: carpets made of waterproof, synthetic fibers are ideal for balcony and terrace.

Production method: Knotted, knitted and woven rugs

The knotted carpet consists of countless knots of woolen threads, which are knotted into durable knots. The base is also made of wool or cotton. Very noble specimens are made of silk. Making carpets is originally manual work, today machines take over this task. The classic among the knotted carpets is the oriental rug. But even modern designs are feasible with this manufacturing method. Depending on how fine the material is and how high the number of knots, knotted carpets differ in pile. In addition, there are differences in the pile height, which depends on the length of the threads. Carpets with closed loops are called pimpled, bouclé, berber or looped carpet. When the slings are cut open, short pile and long pile carpets are created. Carpets with a short pile have a velvet-like character and are also referred to as velor carpets.

The techniques of weaving and weaving are identical. Knitted and woven carpets can consist of all the aforementioned materials. Woven carpets are mostly flat. The woven rug is available in one color and pattern. A typical example of a patterned woven rug is the kilim. Knitted rugs are traditionally made by hand. However, powerful machines take over the individual operations for the mass production.

Style and Effect: The right one carpet Find

The variety of carpets is almost endless. Anyone who thinks about buying a carpet should therefore first consider for which room the flooring should be suitable. If a complete room is to be provided with carpet, lay-out goods are optimal. For living, sleeping and children’s rooms, there is a huge variety of display materials made of natural materials, synthetic fibers or blended fabrics. Durable carpets for staircases and corridors are often available as needle felt or in a similarly robust finish.

Next to the carpet as a complete covering is often the decorative single carpet customary, which makes an excellent eye-catcher and home accessory. There is an abundance of designs to choose from, from the classic oriental rug, through rugs with graphic or floral patterns, to avant-garde pieces. carpet fit on a floor covering made of parquet, laminate or tiles. Important is an anti-slip coating on the back. Whether one decides for a more restrained carpet, tone-in-tone matching the decor, or for a dominant unique, is clearly a matter of taste, In addition, the performance characteristics in the choice of carpet play a major role. A carpet for the nursery, for example, must be easy to clean and stain resistant. In any case, it is certain that carpets in the current variety are an enrichment for personal living style.

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