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The fitting Bath towel for at home and on the way

Shower towels, sauna towels and beach towels also bear the name Bath towel , This good piece is used to dry the whole body or as a well-stowed pad outdoors. Whether classic monochrome, with striking stripes or imaginative patterns: In the bathroom set bath towels and color-coordinated towelsattractive color accents. After showering or bathing with an extra large and not too soft Bath towel scrubbing or wrapping around the body is one of the popular rituals for women and men alike.

If the regular shower towel in 80×140 format is too short, you may decide on the next purchase Bath towel 100×150 or one sauna towel80×200. The longer one Bath towel is, the better it is as well Beach towelin which both the head and the feet fit on the pad. Long fringes prove to be impractical on the beach, because the grains of sand are caught in them. Sauna towels are becoming increasingly popular as especially large-sized bath towels. They can be effortlessly wrapped around the problem areas even with XXL figures and provide enough space for one or two people.

Huge selection of bath towels

The offer of bath towels is very extensive. Not only diverse colors, patterns and sizes contain the assortments of brand manufacturers and low-cost suppliers. The quality of cheap and high-priced bath towels is also very different. The classic material for a high-quality toweling towel is absorbent cotton or 100% cotton velor. Terry cloth has proven to be suitable for the production of bath towels because the loops typical of the fabric absorb a lot of moisture. A disadvantage is that terry cloth dries relatively slowly.

Therefore, more and more microfibre bath towels are offered, which score with less weight and also dry quickly. For outdoor activities, many consumers prefer this durable and color-resistant material. However, it does not have the comfortable feel like terry towels and feels less cuddly. However, if a bath towel is to be transported often, the lightweight microfiber material is ideal. In sweaty sports, however, it is advisable to use a towel made of terry cloth for drying.

Perfect companions for swimming and sunbathing

For a visit to a SPA resort or in a Turkish bath also recommend thin cotton towels, the traditional hammam towels. These take up little space and can be conveniently located in backpackor beach bagbe housed. Occasionally, they also serve as a pareo and perform while relaxing on the sunbedat the poolgood services. A hammam towel made of 100 percent cotton is available in different sizes, thicknesses and designs. Stripes and fringes belong to the classic look of the hammam towels after the oriental model.

Striking bath towels made of terry or microfibre are often considered a statement and demonstrate style awareness. Many towels that are used in swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers and on the beach are chosen with particular care. Some wear sports club emblems or the logo of world-famous designers. The usual selvedge of a bath towel can be worked in contrasting colors or subtly adjusted to the basic color. flowered beach towelsand specially designed for children bath sheets with cartoon characters or animals provide a happy mood.

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