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  • Our Refined for High Heat NON-GMO Peanut Oil
  • Perfect for providing allergen free monounsaturated fats
  • It is excellent and stable for high-temperature cooking,...
  • Pure Penut oil 35 lb
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Peanut oil guide

Especially in the asian as well as chinese kitchen is peanut oil an important component. The unique taste gives the food its typical nutty note, while the in-house peanut oil contained unsaturated fatty acids to support a balanced diet.

Applications of peanut oil
For the private use one becomes oneself peanut oil probably grow in the first line for use in the kitchen. Both Chinese and Thai or Japanese dishes are prepared with this oil. Since it has a high smoke point, can peanut oil Unlike olive or sunflower oil, they are heated much higher, making them perfect for wok and stir-fry dishes. In addition to its use in the kitchen, peanut oil is also used for cosmetic purposes. Because the oil penetrates the skin only slowly, it is often used as the basis for massage oils. In addition, it is also found as a basis for bath oils or as an ingredient in the sun protection, In cosmetics, peanut oil is valued primarily for its high fat content, which protects the skin and thus cares for dry and flaky skin. In addition, the use of peanut oil to treat eczema has proven to be effective.

Know different qualities
The extraction of peanut oil can be done in different ways, so that oils of different quality can be found in the trade. Cold-pressed peanut oil is considered as the best quality oil, which has a very natural and intense taste. However, much of the available oils are refurbished by refining, so that a consistent quality can be created. Since the residues of the cold-pressed oil still contain a proportion of peanut oil, the remaining press cake is often subjected to distillation, which also provides peanut oil, but has a lower quality. So who wants to cook with the highest quality oil or use it for cosmetic purposes, should pay attention to the addition „cold pressed“ when buying.

Benefits of peanut oil
Those who use peanut oil for cooking appreciate first and foremost the unique taste of the oil, which gives the Asian dishes the typical nutty note. In addition, the oil, however, brings more benefits. On the one hand, the oil can be heated better than other types of oil, making it ideal for wok dishes, for example. On the other hand, the oil is considered very healthy due to its many unsaturated fatty acids. Both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are included in the oil, which are proven to improve cholesterol and protect the body from cardiovascular disease. In addition, the oil does not turn rancid so quickly if it is well sealed and in a dark cool place. in the fridgeHowever, it should not be stored, as it quickly becomes viscous.

Disadvantages of peanut oil
Anyone looking for tasteless oil will be dissatisfied with peanut oil. Although refined oil has a lower taste than just cold-pressed oil, the nutty note will not disappear on cooking. The oil should therefore only be used if the typical taste should arise. In addition, peanut oil is not quite as cheap as sunflower or olive oil, Here, of course, the quality makes the difference. You should also pay attention to which countries the oil comes from. Often, peanut oil is imported from poor countries, which attach little importance to safety and health standards in the harvesting and processing of nuts. It is therefore better to pay attention to the product when purchasing „Fair Trade“.

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