10 Best mixer of 2018

  • Number of Speeds:9
  • Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, White
  • Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, White
  • 220 watts of power; an electronic feedback mechanism...
  • SmoothStart features 3 low mixing speeds that allow the...
  • With one push of the on/off button your mixer begins at...
  • Excellent power performance - Hand mixer with a powerful 250...
  • Lightweight Stainless Steel - Electric hand mixer designed...
  • Easy and comfortable use - Practical baking mixer with a...
  • Number of Speeds:9
  • MATERIAL:Made of 304 Stainless steel, durable and healthy
  • USES:With shaking bottle/cup, makes your nutrition dissolve...
  • FOR MOST BOTTLES:Suitable for most of bottles with cover,...
  • Snap-On case with easy-access door
  • No more lost attachments - includes traditional beaters and...
  • Slower first speed reduces messy splatters
  • DOMU Brands LLC
  • Hamilton Beach 62620 6-Speed Hand Mixer with Snap on Case

Mixer Guide

It is known mixer also under the terms Mixer, Studio Mixer or Mixing Console. This is a specially designed device for merging, bundling and editing audio signals from various peripherals. Mixers are used not only in the home studio, but also to sound an event.

Functions of a mixing desk

Mainly becomes one mixer used to edit the sound and also to assemble individual tracks to a master track. It will be with the mixer the incoming audio signals are both processed and fine tuned at their frequency. This includes the adjustment of the altitude characteristics and the volume. In addition, a predefined filter is added. In most mixers, individual channels can be merged into subgroups, which are then treated as a logical unit. This simplifies processing, saves time and also improves the workflow.
But also the exits are at one mixer very important. While in this case a studio mixer has several line outputs and sometimes also USB outputs, a live mixer has line cables and optical signal cables.

Types of mixing consoles

1. analog mixer:
This mixer is very popular and available in different sizes and price ranges. With some of these mixers, the number of channels can be increased. An analog mixer is excellent in its tonal quality. Technically mature and very easy to use. With more and more computers being used for recording, many analog mixers have a built-in analog-to-digital converter and internal digital multi-effects devices.
2. Analog summer:
An analog summer is a special form of the analog mixer and has only panorama and level control options. In addition, here a piece of music recorded on the computer can be mixed on an analogue level and so the sound quality can be improved enormously.
3. Split mixer:
The split mixer is similar in design to the classic one. His elements are:
– Input channels: These can be routed to the subgroups.
– Subgroups: These are used to control the audio tracks of the multitrack recorder.
– Recorder outputs: These recorder outputs are returned to the subgroup via the track return.
– Tape monitor screen: This controls the recorder outputs and directs the mix to the stereo sum.
4. Inline mixing console:
In this mixer, each channel strip is divided vertically into two channels. In addition, an inline mixer has a line / mic input and additional inputs and outputs for the tracks of the multitrack recorder. Thus, the signals to be recorded may be routed either through the direct output or through the subgroups.
5. Digital Mixer:
Even if the quality of an analog mixer today is excellent, nevertheless, a considerable electronic effort is needed and this is especially noticeable in the price. A digital mixer, on the other hand, saves space, is cheap and has the complete automation of the functions. The disadvantage is the confusing operation. In addition, several functions can not be used at the same time.
6. Software mixer:
Today, a computer hard disk recording system has a software mixer. This is a special form of the digital mixing console, consisting of the system components computer, audio / MIDI interface, as well as a recording software. This software is the main component and also inexpensive to purchase. In addition, however, a controller or software for sound processing must be provided alongside the audio / MIDI interface as needed.

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