10 Best fax machine of 2018

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  • Send/receive faxes from PC (desktop) to fax machines / fax...
  • Drag and drop on Mac computers; Fax to email as PDF; Auto...
  • Send doc, pdf, excel, image and files the like as fax; Fax...
  • Electronics
  • Adjustable 250-sheet capacity paper tray
  • 33.6K bps modem, approx. 2.5 sec/page transmission
  • 20-page capacity auto document feeder
  • 9600bps Fax.
  • Enva Fax en 15segundos.
  • integrada de voz y fax.
  • Adjustable 250-sheet capacity paper tray
  • PC FAX Capability : Yes (send only)
  • 33.6K bps modem, approx. 2.5 sec/page transmission
  • Plug and play compatible for easy installation on Windows xp...
  • Data transfer rates up to 56Kbps (down) and 33.6Kbps (up);...
  • Add dial-up support to a laptop, or desktop computer when...
  • If you upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10,...
  • Up to 232 auto-dial locations, broadcasting to up to 282...
  • Large 250-sheet paper tray and 50-sheet ADF
  • Send/receive faxes from PC (desktop) to fax machines / fax...
  • Drag and drop on Mac computers; Fax to email as PDF; Auto...
  • Send doc, pdf, excel, image and files the like as fax; Fax...
  • Copier_Technology - Digital
  • Copy_Color - Monochrome
  • Fax_Color - Monochrome

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Fax machine guide

The fax machine: fast and reliable

The fax machine is still not out of fashion despite the many ways to send a message online. Because the device transmits document in seconds. Many fax machines also offer other important functions such as printing and copying. The scanned data will be sent over the telephone line. At the receiving device they are, if this is off, provided in a memory and can be printed or on PCget saved. The different models offered on the market use a variety of methods. Moreover, the performance of the devices is different from each other.

What is a fax machine?

On fax machine is similar in shape to a large box. It is with a telephone receiver and one keyboardequipped to dial. With the fax machine can also be phoned. The device looks similar to a printing device because it has a paper tray and an output tray. Most fax machines also have additional features such as scanning, copying and printing. The fax machine must be connected to the mains and to the telephone jack or a splitter.

This is how it works fax machine

Fax machines can be used as a kind of fax machine. Because they send documents over the telephone network. They are reliable and fast. The document is also transported safely. When faxing, the document is inserted in the fax machine. Using the built-in photodiode line, it scans and reads line by line. The data, which are now fully available to the fax machine, are immediately processed by him. It encodes the data, compresses it and transmits it via modulated sound waves. Compatibility of all fax machines worldwide, is manufactured by international standards. The Telecommunication Union, which also operates internationally, determines this. The most important rules can be found in standards G2, G3 and G4. These standards decode all data sent from the receiving device. They are then unpacked and printed. It does not matter if the device works via laser or wirelessly. Because the communication among the devices takes place over the telephone connection.

Which different types are there?

As is usual with printers, there are also considerable differences between the models for fax machines. The differences are mainly in the way they bring the paper. Fax machines work with laser, inkjet or with a special technique, that is the thermal transfer technology. Which fax device will ultimately be selected depends on your needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of a fax machine


  • fast data transfer
  • the data transmission is secure – the systems can not be hacked – unlike documents sent online
  • The fax can be sent via telephone line – no DSL necessary
  • personal signature possible – unlike an e-mail


  • increased connection costs
  • Operation can be complicated

These fax machines are recommended

The Brother FAX-8360P Laser Fax Machineworks fast and reliable, moreover, it is robust. The device offers a high storage volume. Consumption costs for the toners can be high depending on consumption. The fax machine Panasonic KX-FC266 is a bit complicated but versatile. In addition to the fax function, the device also has two cordless telephones and a digital one Answering machine, The settings are a bit complicated. After a settling in, the device should be easy to handle. The Philips PPF631E is well suited for occasional home use. The device is easy to use and has a large selection of fonts for receiving faxes.

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