10 Best emergency telephone of 2019

  • Programmed 911 Only Phone. Land Line / Hard Line Phone will...
  • Includes waterproof cabinet which is rated Nema 4X type...
  • Includes Red Call 911 Label on the outside of the enclosure...
  • Use On Any Standard Phone Line
  • Only The 9 and 1 Keys Are Active
  • Highly Visable Red Color
  • Pictures can be placed on each button
  • Ringer switch with Hi/Lo/Off
  • Bright LED lights for incoming calls
  • Interior/exterior handset phone within watertight enclosure
  • Powered by analog phone line
  • Lift handset and phone auto dials 911 (pre-programmed at...
  • Pictures can be placed on each button
  • Ringer switch with Hi/Lo/Off
  • Bright LED lights for incoming calls
  • This Telephones Will Dial 911 When the Handset is picked up.
  • The phone comes with a ringer.
  • Plugs into standard wall phone jack. No Line Cords.
  • Scitec 2554E Red
  • The 2554E telephone is designed for use behind a registered...
  • Hearing Aid-Compatible Handset ADA/HAC compatible.
  • Handset Jack - Modular jack to connect coiled handset cord...
  • Ringer Volume - Adjusts ringer volume to LOW or HI. Located...
  • Enhanced Weather IP61 Protection.
  • Dimension : 3.25"W x 6"L x 1.18"H. (IP61 Weather protection)
  • Meets ADA requirements for Emergency Phones:
  • No Monthly Fees - Bills or Contracts
  • 2 Panic Buttons Included - 1 Wrist Panic Button and 1...
  • Instantly calls up to 3 phone numbers & plays your...

Emergency telephone guide

At a emergency telephone It is a landline phone, which also additionally offers the special emergency call function. Likewise, the communication devices are also referred to as emergency telephones, because with only a few simple steps can be brought to the phone in case of emergency help and help. The emergency telephones are similar to many senior cell phones mostly hearing aid suitable. In an emergency, not only older people need quick help. Many seniors do not have a mobile phone and so the landline phone is often the only way to get help in an emergency. For the elderly, ordinary phones are usually difficult to handle and impractical, which is why emergency telephones have been developed. These emergency telephones are specially designed for users with disabilities or for the needs of the elderly. The special phones usually provide easy to read numbers and the enlarged keypad. Also, the display is dimensioned slightly larger here. The features provide the seniors and people with impaired eyesight for the uncomplicated communication experience and without any obstacles. Even for the hard of hearing seniors, the special phones have been optimized because most models have stronger ones speaker, which ensures better acoustic properties. Many of the emergency telephones are suitable for hearing aids and they are almost standard in the category. However, the emergency phones have the name because they have a special button here. In an emergency, the key is pressed and some preset numbers are alerted. The numbers can come from relatives and relatives or from the fire department or the nursing service. The emergency telephone is therefore not only an important communication tool for seniors, but also more secure.

Why access to the emergency phone and what is important in the purchase?

Especially seniors often have difficulties in dealing with modern technology and thus there are special needs. Important in the devices are the ease of use, the easy-to-read display and the large buttons. Especially with the elderly, emergencies can occur relatively quickly. There is often a panic attack, a circulatory insufficiency or the sudden fall. At risk are the elderly, who have no full-time care and no partner and are therefore alone at home. There are sudden dangerous situations and thus also quick help is needed. This help, of course, must be requested. The right phone can possibly play a lifesaving and vital role here. The phones often have different functions supported so that help can be fetched quickly. There is the difference between this emergency telephone and the emergency phone. In which emergency telephone it is a Seniors phone, which offers at least the emergency button, so that further action can be taken quickly and help is called. If there is automatic notification, this is the cheapest option in terms of cost. At the back of the phone, there is usually the emergency call button and this is pressed, then there are automatic, various actions by the phone. Previously defined telephone numbers can be dialed automatically one after the other. If a recipient answers, the automatic message is sent that the key was made here. It can be initiated directly with the further help. Often, SMS messages are sent to predefined recipients. There is also the emergency call button with a direct connection to the emergency call service and the telephone is connected directly to the house emergency call or the emergency call service. The emergency call service would like to contact an affected person and if this does not work further action will be taken. In general, however, this service must be booked separately. Some of the phones also have a small transmitter that can be worn as a necklace around the neck or around the wrist. The emergency button is usually located directly on the trailer and there are many devices also have the function that also automatically an alarm is triggered when the person falls or stumbles.

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