10 Best Cassette deck of 2018

  • The multi-purpose CD-A580 plays from cassette, CD, or USB...
  • Cassette and USB recording is also available. Recommended...
  • Frequency response: 50 ~ 12.5kHz ±4dB (chrome), 50 ~...
  • Quickly transfers music from tapes to digital music format....
  • Quickly transfer music on your tapes to MP3 format on your...
  • Dual dubbing cassette deck
  • Onkyo
  • Electronics
  • DUAL SPEED DUBBING: The dual cassette tape deck provides...
  • MORE CONTROL OVER PRODUCTION: The dual cassette player...
  • SEAMLESS INTERFACE CONNECTIONS: The cassette player dual...
  • Plays and records cassettes, dubbing tape-to-tape and...
  • Preserves cassette library by making digital copies on...
  • Eases transition to digital for organizations maintaining...
  • Supports CD-R/RW and MP3 Disc
  • Auto Reverse Cassette Deck (Rec/Play)
  • Utilize our Dual auto reverse feature as you listen
  • Dolby B and C noise reduction makes as it suppresses high...
  • Also features Dolby HX Pro circuitry, Auto Record Level,...
  • Onkyo
  • Electronics
  • Full-Function Stereo Sound
  • Playback CDs, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs
  • Shuffle and Program Functions
  • Onkyo
  • Electronics

Kasettenspieler guide

Today’s thirty to fifty-year-olds grew up with him, enjoyed Benjamin Blümchen, Bibi Blocksberg, The Five Friends and TKKG nightly falling asleep thanks to this technical device. They had Nana Mouskouri and Tina Turner washing their cars on Saturdays, listening to Roy Black in the kitchen with Mama. The speech is from the cassette player. Cassettes have gone out of fashion a bit, but in the last twenty years they have slowly but surely been replaced by CDs and MP3. Hardly any new cassettes are sold, but the tapes of our childhood are much more durable than many CDs: Many old cassettes still work perfectly. Therefore, the cassette player still has its place in the lives of adults and children.

Advantages of the cassette player compared to the CD player:

– Cassette players are usually robust and can be easily operated by small children thanks to fewer buttons.
– Cassette players are cheaper than CD players with the same or higher build quality.
– If the cassette player breaks down, it is usually a mechanical problem that clever big brothers can quickly solve.
– Cassettes are durable, can be easily repaired and are handy as CDs – which also applies to the cassette player compared to the CD player.

Gettoblaster, Boombox, Schakalaka

The formerly common combination of radioand cassette player is still being made. A few brands have the devices still on offer, and still these combination devices for dusty workshops, basements and garages are compared to the CD player with its sensitive lens the better solution. In the trade empty cartridges are still available for recording, so that the self-righteous after-work mix of favorite songs nothing stands in the way. For personal use, individual songs from CD may still be copied. Anyone who wants to play his favorite songs on cassette, so may still do so, without making himself punishable with pirated copies. In addition, the analogue technology is still used in language laboratories and schools. Many self-paced language courses are still delivered in cassette format, and consumer electronics and media retailers continue to find audiobooks and audio histories for children and adults on tape.

Small story of the cassette player

The cassette player is an analog device for playing audio media. From about the 1970s, the cassette players became popular as small, portable tape recorders, the compact cassette was widely used. Thanks to relatively low prices, many people had access to audio content for education and entertainment from then on. In the 1990s, however, the digital sound techniques continued to develop rapidly, they became cheaper in the late 1990s, and thus the importance of the cassette player steadily decreased. To this day, this downward trend continues, only a few manufacturers produce cassette players. But among them are still high-quality products that offer a good sound quality.

Different combi tools for different purposes

There are pure cassette players that can do nothing but play the tapes. But there are still combination devices. As a voice recorder with a microphoneCassette players played an important role in many offices. Interviews were conducted with tape recorders, and in language schools, students and teachers took each other to analyze and correct the pronunciation. Children found in cassette players with a microphone karaoke machines that were easy to use and promised a lot of fun. The latter, of course, not only because of the vocal performance of the offspring, but also because it came on a regular basis due to too short cable to feedback effects.

Other combination devices connect the cassette player with a radio and / or CD player, are known as mini-stereo or could be installed in the car. Cassette players with two or more cassette decks allow dubbing and recombining of audio material.

Compared to the other devices still relatively new on the market are converters, which transfer the sound contents of old cassettes into the MP3 format. They are capable of digitizing analogue audio content and make it possible to listen to beloved cassettes from childhood via the MP3 player. However, the devices can still simply be used to play cassettes.

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