10 Best Beamer pocket of 2019

  • Built in the Android 7.1 system, 32G storage space, the...
  • Pre-load Google Play Store, Youtube (support 1080p) and...
  • Support Full HD Video Playback, HDMI Output
  • A portable stash box that fits papers, pre-rolled...
  • Measures 5 inches x 2.75 inches x 1 inch
  • Made from bamboo with embedded rare earth magnets
  • All natural bamboo in a beautiful deep dark wood color
  • Tray measures 5.75" inches x 3.5" inches
  • Features two extra slots and a strong rare earth magnet for...
  • Terrie L. Cunliffe-Beamer, D. Kanjilal, Alternative Link,...
  • Publisher: CRC
  • Edition no. 1 (01/15/2001)
  • Health and Beauty
  • Built in the Android 7.1 system, 32G storage space, the...
  • Pre-load Google Play Store, Youtube (support 1080p) and...
  • Support Full HD Video Playback, HDMI Output
  • Takes 3-4 weeks for the delivery
  • Electronic>Accessory
  • No Cancellation
  • 00% brand new and high quality
  • Multi selection of inputs: HDMI/USB/SD/VGA/AV
  • Resolution: 320*240,this one can not use for teach ,home is...
  • Health and Beauty
  • Pack includes tray, grinder, and one J-tube
  • Tray is natural bamboo, hand waxed
  • 3-piece acrylic grinder

Beamer pocket guide

Every owner of a beamer should have a matching bag. This is not always included, but fulfills very practical purposes. The Beamer pocket It is usually made of a sturdy material so that it is optimally suited for the safe transport of the sensitive beamer. The following report will explain everything you need to know and give tips on what to look for when buying.

The meaningful Beamer pocket

The bag offers enough space for the projectorbut often also for accessories. The goal is to safely store and transport the projector without causing any damage. Inside, the bag is padded to protect the projector optimally. Especially for Mini-projectoror devices that are used for the business, the is suitable Beamer pocket Perfect. These specimens are intended primarily for mobile use and should always be well protected. Thanks to the robustness that most models have, they have a long service life. This applies, for example, to the following projector pocket:

Bestseller # 1: Hama Sportsline projector bag, padded, black

This high quality Beamer pocket The well-known manufacturer Hama is fully padded and has a variable interior layout and other special features: a front pocket outside, a document compartment on the back of the bag, two large, variably placed additional pads with a Velcro attachment, a padded handle and a removable shoulder strap. Also of advantage are the removable Velcro inner divider and the large zippered mesh accessory pocket, which serves to protect the device surface. The velcro, which is located inside the bag, conveniently secures and fixes the beamer so that it does not run around. Hama has the interior of the Beamer pocket very flexible. The bag can be adapted to the size of the projector. It is fully padded so that it protects the beamer ideally from bumps or shocks during transport. The metal border provides stability. The dimensions of the projector pocket are: 27 x 39 x 15 cm.

What should be considered when buying the projector pocket?

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a projector bag. Since perhaps not only the beamer should be accommodated in the bag, but also various accessories such as cables and remote ControlIt is very important that it has the appropriate inside dimensions and enough pockets. Ideally, the interior is flexibly adjustable. This makes it possible to divide the course itself and the projector will fit in perfectly, depending on the size. The comfort also plays a role in the selection, because the bag should finally be comfortable and comfortable on the body, without too
press, narrow, etc.


Whether for home cinema, presentations in the office or film screenings, projectors are an indispensable part of everyday life for many people. But it is important to keep the useful device safe and well protected and transported so that it is not damaged. For this a Beamer bag is perfect, because it has been specially developed and meets the requirements. It has sufficient dimensions, is padded in the appropriate places and thus the optimal bag to safely store the projector. Thanks to the use of robust materials, the projector bag convinces with a long durability.

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