10 Best medicator of 2019

  • Paci-style baby medicine dispenser prevents spit-ups and...
  • Sends medicine to the side of the cheek, as recommended by...
  • Same familiar paci shape used in hospitals nationwide.
  • Medicine bypasses baby's taste buds reducing gagging and...
  • Safe, easy, and accurate way to dispense liquid medicine
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following...
  • Easy to read dosage markings measure up to 3 teaspoons (15...
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to grip and use syringe is top rack, dishwasher safe
  • Syringe has a pacifier style shield that making it safer to...
  • Attachable tip on syringe fits into most medicine bottles
  • Safe, Easy, Accurate.
  • No-mess.
  • Helps reduce gagging and spitting up.
  • Easy to read dosage markings measure up to 3 teaspoons (15...
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe, easy, and accurate way to dispense liquid medicine
  • Medicine bypasses baby's taste buds reducing gagging and...
  • Age: Newborn and up
  • Easily dispenses medicine while soothing your baby
  • Easy to read dosage markings up to 1 teaspoon
  • Unique design ensures there's no leftover medicine
  • Dictionary
  • Disease Check Up
  • Detailed report after Check Up
  • Digitview
  • MP3 Music

Drug dispenser counselor

Especially in old age, the number of people suffering from diseases increases, so that a permanent or temporary intake of drugs in tablet form is essential. The preconditions for the exact and timely use of the often prescription pills can be facilitated by an aid that is manufactured by the industry. Different manufacturers offer medicator that are made in different shapes. These dosing aids, which are often made of plastic, are produced as day or week variants. There are other differences that we discuss in this review.

Daily and weekly dispensers: differences explained

Basically medicator divided into different areas containers in which tablets are sorted for later use. The drugs can be stored in different subjects, which are arranged in a daily dosing after different periods of use. A weekly doser often consists of several versions of a variant created for daily intake, which are often in a construction made of plastic. The vernacular has created many names for the devices. So is often also of pillbox, Drug dispensers or a drug cassette talk when actually a dosing is meant.

In addition to very simple daily doses that have only one compartment, there are also models that are equipped with three to five compartments, so that the temporal intake of tablets is simplified. Weekend dispensers, which cost a little more money than simple versions, have compartments for each individual day, which are equipped in further areas for the temporal distribution on the weekdays. The use of better designs offers many advantages. So the organization of the intake can be facilitated. Better variants also provide hygienic protection so that the medicines can be stored well.

Functions of dosing aids

Especially with increasing number of tablets to be taken, the purchase of a daily or even better a weekly dosing may be worthwhile. The models, which are often made of colored and transparent plastics, often have four subjects for each day, so that a temporal intake in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and in the evening is possible. The filling for seven days can be done at any time. Filling is easier on the models where a safe and quick opening of the compartments is possible.

The better dosing aids are shaped so that only the tablets for each day are easy to reach. An example is the Medi 7 medication dispenser, in which the daily ration can be achieved even with limited fine motor skills. This reduces the risk of overdosing. Through other functions, which is due to other dosing aids creates a certain security when children are in the house. Finally, some daily and weekly dispensers are equipped with a child safety device, so the tablets are not so easy to reach.

Characteristics of drug dosers

Many dosing aids use a closure system to protect the medication. So the drugs remain in better versions, even inside, when the tablet dispenser falls to the floor. They are often characterized not only by large captions, but also by color systems, so that the use is simplified. Especially modern dosing systems even work with acoustic warning signals, so that the temporal intake at a defined time is even easier. However, this technique has its price. The digital models are much more expensive than others medicator , It’s also not easy to clean digital dispensers.

Other versions that do not have an electrical alarm function can sometimes even be placed in the dishwasher. Consumers can currently purchase, for example, the melipul weekly dispenser, which is cleaned after use in a dishwasher. For other versions, only cleaning under warm water is possible. Drying requires attention because residual liquid can dissolve or even contaminate the tablets. Basically, the filling of all dosing should be carried out with great care, because errors can affect the health of well-being. However, the medicator be a great help, so that revenue errors do not arise.

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