10 Best Depilatory Pad of 2019

  • 3 count kits, comes in a pack of 4 (12 mittens in total)
  • Removes hair instantly and easily
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • 3 count kits, comes in a pack of 4 (12 mittens in total)
  • Removes hair instantly and easily
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • Regrowth appears slower and less noticeable
  • Removers hair instantly and easily
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • This depilation set contains 1pc large and 1pc small backing...
  • Adopting high quality material, which is durable and...
  • It can help to remove unwanted hairs and exfoliates on legs,...
  • Regrowth appears slower and less noticeable
  • Removers hair instantly and easily
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • Misc.
  • Anytape
  • Misc.
  • 🍒A very cute little thing, absolute security, not to...
  • 🍒friendly foam material, oh, very soft, remove body...
  • 🍒The design is very user-friendly, with two faces,...
  • To be used with the smooth away hair removal system /- No...
  • 12 large flex crystal replacement pads + 6 small flex...
  • These replacement pads are for use with the Smooth Away Hair...
  • Sponge material is soft, skin-friendly, safe, non-toxic and...
  • emoving hair painlessly without scratch
  • Double-sided design with different functional, one side can...

Depilation Pad Guide

Anyone who is intensively concerned with depilation will sooner or later come across a method that is not quite as well known as razors, epilation, waxing or creaming. These are hair removal pads.

What exactly is one Depilatory Pad and how is it used?

Comparable are these pads with an extra fine sandpaper, as you know it for example from model making. The grain at a very high quality Depilatory Pad is barely noticeable on the surface. By means of circular movements, not only the finest hairs but also dry skin cells can be „sanded down“ effectively and without any chemicals. However, you should not exert too much pressure so that it does not accidentally cause injury or even scratches or redness. Even a coarse-grained pad would not be recommended. Also useful are matching pad holders with practical hand or finger loop.

Depilation pads are available in different packagings and sizes. You also have the choice between pads for sensitive or less sensitive body areas. Legs and arms, for example, work faster with a hand-sized pad. In the bikini area, the underarm area or on the face, it is of course not only about a correspondingly adapted Padmaß, but above all on a particularly gentle surface.

What preparations are necessary?

In terms of hygiene, it does not matter which depilation method you choose, because a thoroughly cleansed skin with a non-irritating washing lotion is in all cases the top priority. In the depilation pads, the skin should also be dried well in addition. On care oils or creams, however, would be waived because the area to be depilated must be free of grease and cosmetics. Also, the exfoliation you can confidently save before, because the pads accomplish this task directly at Enthaaren.
However, you should not use the pads for pimples, eczema, weeping or even healing wounds or pronounced varicose veins, because the friction can, for example, spread bacteria even faster and cause further skin irritation. For chronic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, a depilation should generally take place only in consultation with the attending physician. This also applies to diabetics.

What speaks for and against the hair removal pad?

+ Since this method does not require any chemical aids, it is particularly kind to the skin and, last but not least, environmentally friendly.
+ In contrast to shaving, pads also do not cut and easily adapt to hard-to-reach parts of the body.
+ During a epilatoralmost always causes plucking pain, that works Depilatory Pad completely painless when used correctly.
+ Immediately after the treatment, the skin is not only free of the finest hairs and pleasantly soft, but also receives a fresh exfoliation at the same time.
+ With the pad also remaining hairs can be easily removed after epilation or after waxing.

– With a Depilatory Pad Although the fine hairs are thoroughly rubbed off, they can unfortunately regrow quickly because the hair root is not removed in comparison to the epilator.
– The pads are used very quickly and need to be renewed frequently. That can be quite expensive in the long run.
– For large areas, the treatment requires a lot of time and patience.
– Strong hair stoppers can only be removed with the pad method to a limited extent or not at all.

Which hair removal pads are recommended?

One of the most popular hair removal pads is the G.T. EasySoft Premium. It contains two differently sized hair removal gloves as well as ten spare pads and a practical one sachetfor stowing. The handling is simple and with the final results so far at least 50% of the users were largely satisfied.

Somewhat cheaper is the complete set of Moondepil with a comparable content. However, the results can often be seen only with very fine hairs. For hair removal on the arms, on the face or on the knees, these pads are quite suitable. In addition, the replacement hair removal pads are also inexpensive.


Finally, it remains to say that depilatory pads, especially for travel or in between a good alternative to the usual hair removal systems. They can be easily applied with a little exercise, cause little pain and also promote blood circulation. A permanent hair removal is not feasible with the mechanical pad system, however, because the hairs regrow after a day or two at the latest.

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