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Body powder counselor

Powder is known in its form as baby powder or as face powder. As cosmetics, it is used to complete the make-up. A baby powder protects against soreness and is used primarily during wrapping or after bathing. Of the body powder However, it has been forgotten and can hardly be found in a bathroom today – except for grandmother.

The powderfor the body

Grandmother may own another body powder and knows its advantages. The younger generation, however, is unaware of the benefits of one body powder are. Therefore, it is high time that the body powder more attention is paid again. In the Middle Ages, powder was used to cover the body odor – even today, the powder can be used as a deodorant alternative. The powder not only ensures that the odorants are bound, but brings along a cooling effect. This cooling effect is particularly helpful in the summer when temperatures rise to 30 degrees. Another advantage of a powder for the body is the moisturizing property. Preferably dry and sore skin benefits from this positive trait.

A non-greasy alternative

Many people find it uncomfortable if the skin has a fatty film after creaming. Becomes a body powder This is not necessary and the skin is still well hydrated. After bathing or showering, the use of body powder as an alternative to body lotion is recommended. For oily skin, it is also advisable to use a body powder. The zinc oxide which is contained in the powder, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Oily skin occurs due to overproduction of sebaceous glands. The body powder has a positive effect on the function of the sebaceous glands and can thus act optimally on oily skin.

Why can a powder replace the deodorant?

Deodorants are currently commonly found in the press and are said to be pathogenic if aluminum is present in them. Aluminum is suspected of causing cancer. The cosmetics industry relies on deodorants without aluminum, which, however, are to date found in the minority. The few deodorants that are currently on the market are not able to bind the smell of sweat for a long time. Some consumers recalled body powder. The freshness lasts the whole day and therefore works better than a deodorant – and contains no aluminum additives.

Which body powders are available in the market?

Body powder is cheap to buy in the drugstore. Perfumeries offer body powders of special brands that belong to the luxury class. It gives it a subtle scent or intense. Which powder is chosen is up to your own sense of smell. The body powder from Paglieri Felce Azurra is available in the online shop for less than 5 euros. It has a delicate fragrance and gives the whole day a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Another body powder with an excellent action and a fabulous fragrance comes from the traditional Italian label Bottega Veneta. This powder has a subtle golden shimmer and replaces itself with its intense scent Perfume, Of course, the body powder can also be used as a deodorant and has a long-lasting freshness sensation.

Body powder as an ideal alternative

For a long time, body powder has been forgotten and is increasingly being pushed through by the trend towards avoiding chemicals. The powder is produced on a natural basis and contains only a few perfumes, so that skin irritation is almost impossible. Allergy sufferers should, however, consult with the dermatologist before use to eliminate any discrepancies. Body powders are available in pharmacies, drugstores and online shops.

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