What helps against hangovers?

Tips against Hangover10 tips that helps against hangovers

The party was a complete success, but the next morning less. What helps against hangover mood? We will tell you how to prevent headaches, nausea and bad breath and how to get rid of them naturally.

The office invites you to the company event, the friends for dinner and also the clubs of the city are having a great time on the weekend. So they feast, dance and party with a drink or two until the early morning hours. Then the next morning comes and with it the aftershocks of the party evening show up: Headache, nausea and a little flattering flag, in short a good hangover. But what helps against hangovers?

A headache tablet? “This is not always advisable after excessive alcohol consumption, since it further irritates the stomach which is already ailing anyway,”explains Isabell Goyn, health scientist and portal manager of the DocJones. de health platform. The herbal medicine expert has put together ten tips for us on how to get rid of a hangover with natural remedies – or even better: prevent it from developing in the first place. Our help against hangover mood!


Tip 1: Feasting before the party, prevents hangover

Before a party, the body can be pampered with an extra portion of carbohydrates in the form of pasta, pizza or burgers. The fatty diet slows down the absorption of alcohol in the blood. Salt sticks or nuts provide the body with salts and minerals that the alcohol drains from the body.


Tip 2: Keep away from sweet drinks

Especially sugary drinks such as liqueurs, mulled wine, punch or sweet cream cocktails should be avoided. If you don’t want to have a big head next morning, it’s best to stay over the evening with a drink that contains little sugar!


Tip 3: In between a non-alcoholic stomach bitterness

Herbal extracts of wormwood, artichoke or milk thistle support the liver, stomach and digestive functions and can therefore reduce hangover effects. You can buy them at the pharmacy.


Tip 4: No cigarettes as hangover protection

If possible, you should refrain from smoking. Nicotine lowers the alcohol level in the blood, so the feeling of not being too drunk is pretended. As a result, you will soon drink more than your body can tolerate and the hangover is programmed.


Tip 5: A glass of alcohol, a glass of water

Whoever orders an additional glass of water for each glass of alcohol – preferably still or tap water – replenishes his stressed reserves, because alcohol extracts water from the body. It is best to drink a bottle of mineral water before going to bed. That helps against a hangover of real miracles.


Tip 6: Puss breakfast with salt and vitamins

He’s here, the morning after. What helps against hangover mood? The next day, the appetite for salt is enormous: you can replace lost salts with acidic cucumbers, broth or salt sticks and the acid promotes alcohol decomposition. Yoghurt or curd cheese with fruits and honey also helps against hangover. The fructose in honey promotes the breakdown of alcohol and the fruit provides the necessary portion of vitamin C, which helps detoxify the liver. Alternative tip: a peppery Bloody Marry – of course without vodka!


Tip 7: Peppermint oil helps against hangover

If you still have to struggle with a thick head after a large sip of water, you should simply drip a few drops of diluted peppermint oil on your forehead and massage your neck and temples with it. This brings freshness, relaxes and makes the thoughts clear again.,


Tip 8: Vegetable aspirin relieves pain

Willow bark is the big sister of the aspirin tablet. Its main active ingredient salicin is also found in synthetic form in the headache remedy. Drunk as tea, it can be an agreeable substitute and therefore a super anti-cat tip. “An espresso with a dash of lemon juice can also work wonders, because caffeine with citric acid can reduce headache,”says Goyn.


Tip 9: Fresh air helps against hangovers

Fresh, cold air supplies the body with the necessary oxygen. If you are already sure of your circulation, you can go jogging instead of a leisurely walk. The sweating helps additionally and the subsequent extended shower or a bath do the rest.


Tip 10: Cold against headaches

Severe headaches are simply part of a nasty hangover. But you don’t want to resort to medication for this, but rather to home remedies. Then you’re in the right place with this trick: Instead of throwing in an aspirin, just place a bag of ice or a washcloth on your forehead. An effective remedy for hangovers.