10 Best The Wooden Spoon of 2018

  • Perfect for tasting gelato, ice cream, yogurt and just about...
  • 300 per package
  • Made from 100% birch wood
  • Made of solid beech wood
  • Safe for non-stick cookware
  • Natural oil finish
  • Disposable and Biodegradable
  • Made from solid birch wood
  • Deep bowls for easy tasting,Suitable for children.
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  • 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. 6 high-quality...
  • 100% pure natural hardwood kitchen utensils for men and...
  • Multipurpose wooden cooking utensil set includes mixing...
  • Perfect for tasting gelato, ice cream, yogurt and just about...
  • 300 per package
  • Made from 100% birch wood
  • 6" Wood Spoon
  • Made of Smooth Birchwood
  • Strong and Sturdy Spoon
  • Set of 2 of high-quality birch wooden kitchen spoons.
  • For big jobs in the kitchen, you need dependable utensils....
  • The extra-long length also keeps hands away from hot pots...
  • Disposable and Biodegradable
  • Made from solid birch wood
  • Deep bowls for easy tasting,Suitable for children.
  • Made of from Birchwood
  • 3.5" Length
  • Pack of 1000

Brewer spoon guide

switching to eating with spoons and getting used to the familiar bottle or mother’s breast is difficult for every baby. With the right one The Wooden Spoon However, this change can be made easily and easily, so it comes to either the child or the mother to difficulties in the nutritional issue. Which aspects? The Wooden Spoon should meet and what advantages and disadvantages associated with the various products now follows in a brief overview.

Brewer spoon – It’s hard to start with, but no problem with the right spoon!
Between the fifth and seventh months of life, it is time to introduce the junk food for the baby as food. Every month, a meal is supposed to replace a milk meal, so that the child is gradually accustomed to the new diet. This changeover phase usually begins with carrot puree, since it is hardly allergenic and therefore ideally suited for the offspring and is also well received by him. One food supplement will be added to each week. To be able to properly feed the baby with the porridge is the right one The Wooden Spoon essential.
In most cases, the first one comes across The Wooden Spoon They are very interested in the babies and sometimes they are even excited and fascinated by the new item. Extensive shopping around on the spoon is one of the first habituation to the The Wooden Spoon so you should definitely use plastic spoons or silicone rubber models. This ensures that the baby is not injured in the mouth, because the material is very soft and malleable. In this way, the risk of injury is largely banned. Another advantage of the plastic spoons is that unlike metal spoons, they do not conduct any heat and thus the riskis banned for injuries caused by too hot food that transfers to the metal.

The A and O of the first porridge: The mold
In addition to the nature of the material of the porridge, the shape and size of the porridge should meet certain criteria. So for especially young babies are more flat spoon suitable with the length of a teaspoon. The flattened spoon blade allows a simple and child-friendly feeding that will delight both the little ones and the parents. Ideally, the shape of the first spoon of the baby’s mouth adapts to it, which is ergonomically shaped and free of hard edges, which could possibly also cause injuries in the mouth. Roughened surfaces on the handle ensure a secure grip so that the spoon does not slip out of the hand, even if the child makes his / her own first attempts to eat with the spoon.

Porridge – The best products at a glance
Through intensive testing of the various baby spoons, such as. For example, by Stiftung Warentest, different models perform particularly well. These include the „Mollis Safety Spoon“, which is flexible and is ideal for small baby primers due to the silicone rubber used. But also convince the manufacturer Philips different porridges, such. B. Philips AVENT Spoon SCF710 / 00. This model has an extra soft spoon tip, which is particularly gentle on the baby’s mouth. The long handle of the spoon also facilitates the feeding of the child many times over.

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