10 Best chest-caps of 2018

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Nipple Guide

During their pregnancy, expectant mothers usually deal intensively with how they can best care for the offspring later on. Nowadays, the market offers a variety of aids that should help during the first months of life of the newborn. These aids also count chest-caps which are often very helpful when the baby has breastfeeding problems or health issues from the mother. But how work chest-caps and what should be considered when buying?

What are chest-caps and what use do you have?

at chest-caps Also commonly called nursing hats, these are silicone or latex attachments that cover the nipple and breast and protect the delicate nipple while breastfeeding. Furthermore, they are used in particular when the baby needs support in order to learn to drink at the breast and to ensure an adequate supply of breast milk. This support may be necessary due to several factors. On the one hand, it is difficult for some infants to properly grasp the nipple because of its shape. On the other hand, developmental factors may play a role. Babies who have been born prematurely often have a lack of suction, which is due to the chest-caps to be corrected. Due to the individual shape of their nipples, some mothers doubt during pregnancy that the baby can be sufficiently breastfed. As soon as such assumptions occur, the topic should be dealt with before the birth and, if necessary, a consultation be accepted. Since breast caps such as the ARDO Tulips breast caps are available in different sizes, it is important that matching caps are found before birth.

What to look for when buying breast caps?

Anyone who chooses to use a breast hat should first and foremost make sure that they meet the needs of the baby. The most important point is the right size. If the nipple is too small or too big, breastfeeding becomes much more difficult. To find the ideal size it is advisable to try several cones. Here, mothers can first make the following rule of thumb: The hat should be as small as possible and at the same time only as large as necessary. However, care must be taken at the same time that the shaft is long enough to provide sufficient space for the nipple during the suction process. Otherwise, the nipple presses against the nipple, which in most cases is very painful, as the breast is usually very sensitive shortly after birth.

In terms of shape, most breastplates are conically shaped. If these do not lead to the desired result, you can also try cherry-shaped cones, such as those available from Mamivac. In addition, the shape of the material of the hat is affected. While silicone breast caps are very soft, on the other hand, they are relatively thick. Silicone versions, on the other hand, are significantly thinner and therefore better adapt to the chest. Their use is particularly suitable for mothers with sensitive skin.

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