10 Best Marten Protection of 2019

  • Comes with full manufacturer warranty
  • Fits multiple makes and models (contact seller with your...
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  • 32mm (1.3inch) entrance hole
  • Measures: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.9 inch
  • Provides protection for eggs and young birds against...
  • 32mm (1.3inch) entrance hole
  • Measures: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.9 inch
  • Water resistant full-grain with a leather ballistic mesh...
  • Removable Smartmask insole
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  • CRC Press
  • Kindle Edition
  • Edition no. 1 (09/03/2018)
  • Comes with full manufacturer warranty
  • Fits multiple makes and models (contact seller with your...
  • Gloves, Eyewear, Ear Protection, Masks & Clothing
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Martens
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Marten Protection Guide

Marten are actually peaceful companions who live in homes, shyness and sheds and often feed on what people throw away. However, when martens nibble brake lines, cooling hoses or insulating materials in the engine compartment of a car, they cause millions of euros every year throughout Germany. With the appropriate marten protection In the car, vehicle owners can drive away the greedy four-legged friends permanently.

Why are martens biting on hoses, cables and wires?

A single marten is usually no problem for car and homeowners. They become a problem when they defend their territory and scent a rival. Then martens bite into everything that smells of the rival. And if he has ever sat in the engine compartment of a car, there is no stopping the marten. Everything that exudes the scent of the adversary is bruised and destroyed, often with expensive consequences for the car owner.

Which devices protect against mockers?

A whole range of different devices are offered in the trade, which are to keep or sell martens from the car with different methods. Ultimately, however, only two methods have proven to be really effective. The defenses with ultrasound and the most frequently recommended method by means of high voltage have in recent years as marten protection enforced.

The ultrasonic defense works on the same principle as the defense devices for moles or even cats. The devices produce a high frequency whistling sound that can not be heard by humans because the frequency is more than 20 kHz.
The whistling sound is emitted from the devices via a small piezo speaker. The power consumption of the ultrasonic defense devices is very low. It is important that the device varies the frequency of the arrow. Marten can get used to a constant tone and will not be deterred anymore.

The Gardigo Marder-Free Ultrasonic Defense keeps Marder away from the car with high whistling sounds. The easy to install device is suitable for vehicles of all makes and is used by the car batterypowered. A workshop visit is not required for installation.

High voltage defense is considered the most reliable protection against martens. The devices work with safe for humans and animals electric shocks, the marten but safely distribute. Several metal plates attached to the device are installed in the engine compartment of the vehicle at locations preferred by a marten. If the marten touches one of the tiles, it receives an electric shock, which scares me off and causes it to seek another shelter. The devices are small, consume little power and fit in every engine compartment.

Optimal protection is provided by devices that combine high voltage defense and ultrasonic defense. Devices of this type have proven themselves in the expulsion of even stubborn martens.

The M115N Marten Defense by KEMO is a high voltage defense device against martens. The device can be used on vehicles with a vehicle electrical system voltage of 12 to 15 volts. The device combines high voltage and ultrasound for protection against martens. The device comes complete with six high voltage contact plates and all cables required for installation.

Once the first signs of a marten visit are visible under the hood, a device should be purchased to protect the vehicle in front of the four-legged friends. Useful equipment is certainly not expensive compared to the damage a single marten can cause. Although combined devices with ultrasound and high-voltage defense cost a little more than individual devices, they still protect them in pieces of reliable overly biting martens.

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