The Delaware Division of the Arts offers a variety of grant programs for individual artists; nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations chartered and based in Delaware; and schools and government entities that support arts activities. (See Assistance for the Development of the Arts)

Applications from organizations and schools are reviewed annually by grant review panels, consisting of individuals who live and/or work in Delaware, selected because of their knowledge and experience in the arts, business and nonprofit management, and involvement in their community. Panelist nominations are accepted year-round.

Applications for Fiscal Year 2015

Division of the Arts grant applications for organizations, schools, and artists must be submitted online.

Note: Deadline is now past for FY2015 General Operating Support, Arts Stabilization, Education Resource, and Project Support applications.

Grant Guidelines by Category

For Individual Artists
Artists residing in Delaware for at least one year and at least 18 years of age. 

  • Artist Fellowships (Deadline: August 1, 2014)

    • FY2015 Artist Fellowship Guidelines: supports individual artists in their work as visual, performing, media, folk, and/or literary artists. This year's Masters Category is Dance, Jazz, or Music.

      • Masters Category in FY2016 will be Literary and Media Arts
      • Masters Category in FY2017 will be Visual and Folk Arts
    • eGrant Process: A Power Point presentation providing a step-by-step review of Delaware's eGrant process for Individual Artist Fellowship applications. Criteria and eligibility are also reviewed.

    • Work sample preparation guide: provides Individual Artist Fellowship applicants with guidance on the preparation of their respective work samples.

    • Uploading visual (digital) images: provides applicants with information on uploading digital images to eGrant.

    • FY2015 eGrant online application: August 1, 2014 deadline.

  • Opportunity Grants

For Arts Organizations (Program Overview)
Non-profit Delaware organizations whose primary mission is the promotion, production, presentation, or teaching of the arts.

  • applications for arts organizations

  • General Operating Support Guidelines: supports annual operating expenses to ensure that year-round participation in the arts is available to the people of Delaware. New applications are accepted on a biennial basis in the even-numbered years (next due date is March 1, 2015), with Interim Reports submitted in the "off" year. Annual March 1 deadline.

  • Arts Stabilization Guidelines : supports improvements to facilities owned (or under long-term lease) and operated by the organization. ASF grants are funded through the Division's participation in the Arts Consortium of Delaware, Inc. (ArtCo) endowment. Annual March 1 deadline.

  • Education Resource Guidelines : grants to strengthen school-based arts education projects, programs, and activities that utilize the arts education resources of the Delaware arts community or strengthen arts organizations' capacity to serve as professional development resources for teaching artists and educators. Annual March 1 deadline.

  • StartUp: a comprehensive program of financial support, training and consultant input to develop and strengthen the management capacity of emerging arts organizations so that they can operate in a sustainable manner. New applications are accepted on a biennial basis in even-numbered years. Next due date is August 1, 2014.