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What is ? is a comprehensive, up-to-date website calendar produced by the Delaware Division of the Arts featuring the state's arts and cultural events and attractions.  

Who is eligible to have events included in the calendar?  

Organizations that produce and/or present art and cultural events in Delaware (and immediately surrounding areas) that are open to the general public are eligible to submit their events.  

What type of events can be included in the calendar?  

Art or cultural events that fit one of the general content categories or subcategories: Attractions*, Dance, Festivals & Special Events; Film; Lectures & Workshops; Literature & Poetry; Music; Theater & Performance; Visual Arts (Art Centers, Art, Antiques & Craft shows; Art Tours; Exhibitions; Galleries; Museums). If your event doesn’t fit neatly into one of those categories or subcategories, it’s less likely that it will be approved for inclusion in the calendar. A full list of the categories and subcategories is on the event submission form. 

*Please note: "Attraction" is a category that refers to organizations that have regular public hours and things for visitors to see/experience during their regular hours. Galleries and museums typically fall in this category, as they are open routinely to the public with scheduled hours. 

We can tell you up front that the following types of events will not be approved: adult entertainment, including gaming; events whose sole purpose is to promote religion or religious philosophy; and events that are political in nature. The Division of the Arts retains the right to approve or reject any calendar submissions.  

How do I submit an event?  

  1. For new submitters to , you must first create an organizational profile and follow the steps. The organizational profile is for general information about your organization – please do not include event information – see step #2 for those directions.
  1. Please be sure to check whether your event is already listed before submitting it. Events should be added by clicking here for the submit an event form.

What is the difference between presenter and venue?  

"Presenter" refers to an organization which presents its own performances or sponsors performances for others whether or not they have their own physical space. In this system the term "venue" is linked with the location (physical space) where an event is being held. This is why organizations without their own presentation spaces do not appear as venues in  

What happens after I submit an event?  

After you have completed the steps to submit an event, this information is held in a database for Division staff to review, approve, and upload. Division staff may contact you at this point for missing information or with other questions. reserves the right to edit submissions for grammar, style, accuracy and content. We may also reject any events not suitable for the site. Every event must be submitted at least 14 days prior to its start date. reserves the right to revise, reject or cancel, in whole or in part, any events, venues or attractions for any reason in its sole discretion.  

How long does it take to have information appear on  

Every effort is made to process new events and make changes in a timely manner, however there may be occasions particularly over weekends and holidays when it takes us longer to process events. Our goal is to have all events processed within five business days.  

How often should I update calendar information on  

Anytime you schedule a new program or event, you should submit it to the calendar using the “Submit an Event” link at the bottom of every page on . You should also alert us if there are any changes to events currently listed in the calendar – especially for date, time and location! 

How do I make changes to an event I’ve already submitted?  

To make changes to an existing event, please use the "Update this Page" link at the bottom of the event page. The "Update this Page" form generates an email to , an email box that is checked daily during the week. Do not resubmit an event with the corrected information as this creates duplicate entries in the system! 

Whom do I contact with questions or problems regarding my submissions?

Email Roxanne Stanulis, the Division's Communications Coordinator, with any questions or problems: .