A longitudinal financial analysis of 33 arts organizations in Delaware completed in 2007, with follow-up questions for consideration.

NFF Study Cover

Representing a cross section of Delaware’s arts community, this study reveals ongoing financial challenges…finding answers to critical questions can keep Delaware’s arts groups strong.

PDF Reports
State of the Arts Brochure (104 kb)
State of the Arts Final Report (310 kb)
Nonprofit Finance Fund Presentation (253 kb)
Breakout Session Notes* (60 kb)
*On January 14, 2008, nearly 100 people from the arts and funding communities across Delaware convened for a presentation of "State of the Arts Study in Delaware." Following the presentation, facilitators led four separate discussion groups, focused on questions for consideration raised by the study.

"The arts are an essential element in promoting the health of our communities: economically, socially and educationally. Our state’s cultural diversity brings together the people who live, work and play in Delaware."

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