"Arts teach valuable life skills essential to success in every field of human endeavor—confidence, discipline, concentration, problem solving, creativity and a commitment to excel."  
Robert Grenfell, First State Ballet Theatre

"Giving children confidence, poise, and a voice through theatre arts education provides skills for a lifetime."
Sharon Crossen, NBCT, President, The Children's Theatre, Inc.

"As an artist, I want to see all our children given access to art- not because I want them to all become working artists - but because their lives and varied careers will be greatly enriched by the creative thinking, methods of expression, and skills of observation that art fosters. Our kids deserve a wide base of education, and art is a crucial part of that foundation." 
Kelly Sverduk, Mispillion Art League

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Join the Delaware Division of the Arts in celebrating March for the Arts in Education Month. We invite you to take a few minutes to experience the transforming power of the arts in young people's lives across the state.

March for the Arts in Education Month was established by the General Assembly a decade ago to annually recognize the important role that the arts play in educating our youth and providing valuable opportunities for community engagement in and through the arts. In 2003, Senator Dorinda A. Connor authored an Act under Senate Bill No. 116 of the 142nd General Assembly, designating the month of March as March for the Arts in Education month. Senator Connor envisioned a month devoted to combined and concentrated efforts to celebrate arts education throughout the state-recognizing the critical role that the arts play in providing a well-rounded education for Delaware's youth.

By supporting arts education, the Division believes that Governor Markell's goal can be achieved, "working with Delaware's excellent educators to ensure we have the best possible public schools. Employers want to know that their children will have a great place to learn and that our schools will graduate young people ready to thrive in the work world."

Below are a number of videos that attest to the power of arts education. For more information on the value of arts education, check out our arts education resources and links.

"The sparkle in the children’s eye, the light bulb that clicked on, and the look of amazement on a preschooler’s face is indescribable when the children are given the gift [of the arts] to imagine and explore. For “at risk” children, that gift is priceless!"
Melissa Earl, Newark Head Start, participant in DIAE’s Wolf Trap Arts in Education program

Empowering Youth Through the Arts

Excellence in Arts Education

Student Excellence in the Arts

"I will remember being pushed out of my comfort zone, and by doing that I discovered new things about the French culture, as well as other parts of the world, like Brazil."
William Penn High School student, after participating in a DIAE music residency